Essay The Book Night By Eliezer Wiesel

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Faith is confidence or trust in an otherworldly being, person, thing or an obligation of loyalty. Before the Holocaust the Jewish communities throughout Europe continued to practice their faith and their faith in humanity as well. When the Holocaust took its grasp on the world, it broke down people and simultaneously made people stronger. The effect of this on the Jewish Communities differed from community to community, but the overall fact of it all was that some took it on themselves as a way to strengthen their overall faith in god and in humanity and be optimistic while others took upon themselves to become pessimistic and let that slowly diminish their faith. In the memoir Night by Eliezer Wiesel, Elie had lost complete faith, in himself, in God, and in humanity he and many others felt the same; this is one of many reactions people had. Subsequently, the way that people in the Holocaust dealt with adversity depends on whether they are pessimistic about their circumstances or optimistic about the conditions they were forced to confront throughout their experience. To begin, many people who were involved in the holocaust allowed those experiences to strengthen their faith however, Elie Wiesel’s viewed this pessimistically and allowed his faith to be weakened not only in God but also in himself and in humanity. He allowed these experiences to change the way he thought. An example of this would be when Wiesel said “For the first time, I felt anger rising within me. Why…

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