Essay on The Book How Soccer Explains The World

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After reading the book How Soccer Explains the World, there were many chapters that hit very close to my heart, causing me to feel emotion. The chapter that affected me the most and was very moving to me was How Soccer Explains the Jewish Question. "An entire movement of Jews believed that soccer and sport generally, would liberate them from the violence and tyranny and anti-Semitism." That quote is incredibly powerful and liberating. The chapter explains how throughout history there has not been very much Jewish dominance when it comes to athletics, but Franklin Foer came to find out about small specific instances where Jews dominated a sport. Within the history of sports there are a few rare Jewish superstars: Hank Greenberg, Mark Spitz, Sandy Koufax, and today Detroit Tigers’ infielder Ian Kinsler. The list is a group of very small but powerful names, athletes that more or less made a difference during the duration of their athletic careers. Foer went on to discover The Hakoah of Austria, who in 1925 won the Austrian Championship. In 1925 this team of Jewish athletes were on a mission to achieve the impossible and silence the critics who claimed Jewish people could not be prosperous athletes. Fans of an English soccer team called Tottenham FC often are called “Yids” a term relating to their Jewish history. For a very long time, Jewish and non-Jewish fans of Tottenham had to endure the disgraceful chants by rival teams fans swaying that they should sent to the Gas…

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