Essay on The Bombing Of The United States

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The attacks that occurred on 11 September 2001 that involves three different locations; one location was at the Pentagon, the other was at the World Trade Center and the last one was in Shanksville Pennsylvania. When the event started multiple deaths was reported and marked as the deadliest attack in the United States history. Death toll was estimated roughly near 3,000 and thousands injured during the day of reckoning. Reports through sources was stating that it was terrorist hijacked multiple aircrafts and their mission was to kill as many Americans as possible. Of course this made a severe impact to the economy and social life within United States. The attack changed the cultural and the security of the United States. At the one-year anniversary of the attacks, the works of two contemporary artists received such hostile public responses that they were effectively censored (Duvall). The United States military intervened and invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 under President Bush administration. Many of sources believed that it was considered the new holy war in which, more Islamic extremist was eradicating Christians in the Middle East to gain additional power of religion. Militant’s primary goal is to attempt to convert Christianity and spread Islamic within the United States. After the attacks, many of Americans feared of potential sleeper cell terrorists (insider) existed within the United States. The ideal targets that the Americans were aiming at was…

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