The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor Essay

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“As the attack was treacherous and unexpected, the ill-fated crews of these ships perished - except a handful, who escaped by a hair 's breadth. All hell broke loose at this place and the scenario was ghastly and gory.

The Japanese lost only 29 planes in the bargain. Their bombs and torpedoes could not somehow target the US cruisers Enterprise, Lexinaton and Saratoga. Their survival later cost the Japanese Navy dearly. Fortunately for the USA, the dockyard, where the ships could be repaired, and the barrels of oil, were left untouched.

As promised, at this stage, Britain entered the Pacific War on the side of the Allies. After the demise of F.D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman assumed office as the US President. And how he ordered the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima of Japan, that destroyed those cities, is now a pathetic history.”¹

The bombing of Pearl harbor had a large worldwide impact in many aspects. It shocked a nation and altered the entire world. For example, it changed the relationships between countries such as altering states of war².It shifted the economy both in and outside of the United states in the ways of rationing and production methods³. This “avoidable annihilation of thousands upon thousands of innocent lives”⁴ also created the need for more international security and additional immigration laws⁵.

The effects of the bombing of Pearl Harbor were massively important and caused many things to be altered. First of all, it changed the…

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