The Body And Soul By Judith Thompson And Clara Callan Essay

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Canada prides itself as being one of the fairest countries with equal opportunities for everyone. If that is the case, why are women still deemed less than men? Both Body & Soul by Judith Thompson and Clara Callan by Richard Wright show what it is it truly like to be a woman in Canada. Thompson’s Body & Soul is a play that takes the reader through the lives of fifteen different and unique women from around Canada, while Wright’s Clara Callan is a novel about two sisters, Clara Callan and Nora Callan, who come from the same small town in Ontario but end up leading very different lives. Although today 's society is slowly progressing, many women still have to deal with a myriad of harmful and negative stereotypes, especially when women do not abide by society 's standards, which stops them from living a fulfilled life. This is shown in both texts in the form of how the characters deal with aging and beauty, traditional gender roles and stereotypes, and being overshadowed by men throughout their lives. One of the negative stereotypes women must deal with is how age and beauty are seen as inversely related. Beauty and age do not seem to go together and is a common worry of women, including Barbie, Clara, and Nora, as they grow older. However, beauty honestly has no age limit and a woman’s worth is not determined through how young she appears and how attractive men find her. In the beginning of Body & Soul, Barbie, one of the fifteen Canadian women, recites a poem called The…

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