The Board Of Education Essay

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The newly elected member of the Board of Education

The desire of the newly elected member of the board to introduce the school board to the evidence based decision-making process is a prudent first step. However, coming into an already established group and replacing a long time member of the board could be tricky. It certainly should be the first course of action to garner the support of some individual board members who seem to be open to the idea and utilize them as the vehicle for introducing a new idea to the current board. She should attempt to implement an evidence based decision-process in an upcoming topic that needs to be discussed. Start small, earning the trust of the board, trying to win key influential board members to assist in the process of change.
She can effectively engage stakeholders in the decision-making process, even if the other board members are not interested in soliciting input. She certainly can focus upon her constituency in particular and use their input to drive her suggestions into the project and subsequently prevent her from making suggestions on a whim. She may also suggest to board members who are open to the idea of evidence based decision making to also engage stakeholders to gather data. It is important that stakeholders have a voice in the process, especially when the outcome is an undesired outcome as it can prevent hard feelings from developing and being harbored.
The newly elected board member should interact with the…

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