The Bloodiest War Of American History Essay

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The bloodiest war in American history was a result of seemingly irreconcilable differences and a challenge over slavery that had defined the country since its founding. A conflict over the power of the national government to regulate slavery resulted in unprecedented violence and the death of hundreds of thousands. As proven through the development of culture following the war, the immediate deep wounds and destruction that resulted of Civil War violence was forgotten over the years, and America hyperfocused on the benefits and positive outcomes of the war and its violence. The violent and deadly Civil War had the legacy of freeing the nation of slavery, and beginning the reconstruction of a fractured country. Following the glorification of violence in the aftermath of the civil war, Americans resorted to violence to resolve many of the critical challenges they faced from 1870-1930.
The article “Dying,” by Drew Gilpin shows the true destruction of the Civil War and the agony that it caused in the lives of so many soldiers and families. The war itself wasn’t expected to last too long when it began, instead it “extended for four years and touched the life of nearly every American.” The widespread death made the war personal for almost every American, and the pain wasn’t localized to a specific group of citizens, but to the entire country. One of the most severe components of the war, was that many soldiers were dying far from home and in enemy lands. The illustration titled…

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