The Blood Type Of Four Unknown Individual 's Samples Through A Series Of Steps

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The purpose of this lab is to acquire the ABO blood type of four unknown individual’s samples through a series of steps. Blood typing consists of a test in which ultimately determines an individual’s blood form. This procedure is an essential process for those who need blood transfusion or those willing to donate blood. The reason this stage is compulsory is because not all blood is compatible. Potentially a fatal transfusion reaction can occur if a unit of blood containing an ABO antigen to which the blood recipient has an antibody is transfused to the recipient. Therefore, to avoid all rational problems an individual must obtain a blood type before any blood transfusions to not experience a dangerous immune response.

In 1901 Karl Landsteiner made the first discovery that the mixing of blood from one person with another could lead to clumping and clotting that would eventually kill the them, due to antibodies latching on to multiple blood cells. In 1940 Alexander Weiner discovered the Rh factor. Both these scientists contributed to the blood typing by discovering the main parts of it.

Different blood alleles contain the ABO Blood groups and Rh factors. The diverse blood types in combination with Rh effect a person’s blood, and lifestyle. ABO blood groups are the groups that show whether a person has A, B, or O proteins that appear on the surface of our blood cells. These alleles are characterized through IA, IB, and i. The ‘i’ allele is the only recessive one…

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