The Black Male Being Oppressed Essay

1836 Words May 18th, 2016 8 Pages
What does it mean to be black in America? What does it mean to be a women in America? Each of these groups have something in common. They are discriminated against and oppressed by many different systems. Each having to fight their own separate battles. When I think about being black in America, and what most people are immediately drawn too, is the black male. How is the black male being oppressed? Through racial, economic, and systematic oppression. Black men are consistently shown in the media as angry beast. They are being shot and killed right on our TV screens. Their names being read of a list as if it is a daily occurrence. Which it is, and why the list grows longer every day. For women the are also having their war with oppression. When I say “women” I’m referring to white women only. The feminist movement also known as the women 's movement, was largely publicized to apply and include white women only. Women in America had to face Sexism and economic oppression. They weren 't given the same rights or were able to have the same social stature as men. The were seen as less than the white man but more than the black man. This leads me to my third question. What does it mean to be a black women in America. To be black and a women is something that I have personal experience with. When you haves these two groups separate there are a lot stigmas against each group and here are also specific forms of oppression targeted to each group. To be a black women in America you…

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