The Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

887 Words Nov 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Although African-American men face police brutality daily, many women endure the same pain. The Black Lives Matter movement is not only supposed to focus on one gender, it is supposed to be centered on all black people of color. How can a movement be called Black Lives Matter when the lives on display are males? Also, if women’s stories are included in the movement, then the Black Lives Matter movement will not seem so secluded. Every woman has the same rights that men do, therefore, it would be better to acknowledge and give them the same respect. Other women from different ethnic groups would also benefit from hearing black women’s stories.
First Black Lives Matter is a women-headed movement. Therefore, the stories that we need to hear more of are women’s. At first Alicia, Opal, and Patrice first created their movement as a “call to action against the killings of Trayvon Martin,” but as their movement became successful “straight men” started misusing their slogan. Those men felt as though since they are just a woman, they don 't need to be acknowledge for the great work that they are doing. Garza states, “Straight men, unintentionally or intentionally, have taken the work of queer Black women and erased our contributions” (3/10). It is very unfortunate that a man has to intentionally take credit for a woman 's work and try to claim it as their own. Garza states, “Perhaps if we were the charismatic Black men many are rallying around these it would have been a different…

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