The Black Hawk War Essays

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In 1832, ongoing tension in Illinois between American settlers and Native American tribes ignited into a summer of conflict where the participants failed to recognize opportunities to deescalate hostilities. This paper will begin by providing historical information relevant to understanding the conflict’s root causes. The paper will further explain that misunderstandings among both combatants regarding the root causes created an atmosphere that fostered an environment conducive for conflict. Additionally, the paper will reveal that determined American and Native American leadership misjudged situations and opportunities that potentially could have led to the conflict’s avoidance. More specifically, Native American leadership failed to understand the prewar atmospherics while the American military missed opportunities to conclude the conflict early. Finally, this paper will pose the thesis that in the Black Hawk War the Americans could have reduced the conflict’s severity if they would have properly employed human intelligence assets appropriate to the period.
The Treaty of 1804 The Treaty of 1804 between the United States and Sauk and Fox tribal representatives is important in understanding the causes of the Black Hawk War. Terms within the treaty stated that the Sauk and Fox tribes would cede their lands east of the Mississippi River to the United States (Lewis, 2014). In return for their land, the Sauk and Fox tribes would immediately receive over $2,000 in goods…

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