The Black Death Essay

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Middle Ages' Most Notorious Killer:
The Black Death

This paper analyzes the documentary film "Secrets of the dead-Mystery of the Black Death". This film discusses about the Black Death, a disease resulting from a combination of bubonic and pneumonic plague, which killed millions of Europeans during the Middle Ages. Researchers in this video clarify the origins of this pandemic/how it spread, the damage it caused on the whole European continent, the theory explaining how some people managed to escape the Black Death and the relationship between the disease and today's most dangerous virus: the HIV. The team of experts in this film is composed of historians, geneticists, a microbiologist, a virologist and even a
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The disease spread even faster. The second aspect that needs to be clarified is the ability of some people to survive. Indeed, the earliest assumption suggested that the Europeans' nutrition, environment, natural immunity are factors influencing immune system's resistance against diseases. On the other hand, modern researchers possess way more knowledge, thus they come with a more sophisticated and theoretical hypothesis: there was a mutation in the Europeans' gene that allowed people to survive the illness. Actually, we must be familiar with the role and functions of gene in order to comprehend why experts came up with this theory. The genes are often related to the immune system of a person's body, therefore if a mutation exists , it might stop bacteria from infecting the body. More precisely, when a flea bites someone, the disease will enter the blood stream to damage the person's health. At that time, the body's microorganism will send an army of white blood cells to kill the bacteria. Unfortunately, the bacteria gets into the white blood cells and use them to travel to the lymph nodes, then they eventually breaks up to attack a person's immune system. That is how an individual normally get infected by a plague disease. The CCR5 Gene, also known as the Delta 32, can block the crucial ports into the human cells, thus preventing plague bacteria from penetrating and installing in the body. That was why Dr.O’Brien correlated the mutation of

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