The Black Death Pandemic

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The Black Death was a pandemic that spread all throughout the world taking the lives of innocent people. We could have never predicted the effect it would have on our countries and villages. We could have never imagined that our family members would suffer so much, or how we were silently praying that the next victim wouldn’t be us. I still remember when the rumors started. No one knew what was killing their loved ones ,or how to treat it because they had never experienced something like this before.I was curious about what was infiltrating our towns and I was ecstatic to be sent to report about the closing of the Globe Theater. I, James Ashby, would finally become a print reporter, but little did I know they had sent me there to die. The Black

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    The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics I human history, starting in Britain between 1348 to1350. The Black Death was one of the many catastrophes to happen following an increase I the population during the Middle Ages. “It killed 30-50% of the countries entire population,” said Andrew Hamilton. The lack of information about The Black Death affected the population, the spread of the disease and increased the awareness of the lack medical help. Europe’s population had been hard hit which…

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    Pandemics are events in which a disease spreads across the entire world. Many pandemics have become notorious for their lethality, symptoms, or historical events that surrounded them. Various notorious and formidable pandemics include the ‘Black Death’ and the human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) pandemic. The ‘Black Death’ was a pandemic caused by the plague that killed an estimated 25 million people (“Black Death”). The HIV/AIDS pandemic killed an estimated…

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    The Black Death The Black Death was a pandemic that wiped though medieval England. It was estimated that this pandemic of the plague, the second pandemic of this disease, killed about 1.5 million people between the years of 1348 and 1350. During this time frame there was very little medical knowledge. Even less known about the “plague”. The bubonic plague is caused by a rod-shaped bacillus called Yersinia pestis. Yersinia pestis is a bacteria that is carried by rats. Most rats have an immunity…

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