The Black Cat : Impulses Lead By Insanity Essay

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“The Black Cat”: Impulses lead by Insanity

Ignoring mental disorders is very risky, most mad people have a hard time accepting their mental illness. If left untreated and people suffering from mental disorders cannot manage their symptoms they can be driven to take risks, risks causing them to hurt themselves or others. Many people have committed crimes because their insanity drove them just a little too far which takes me too my question: to what extent will a man go to when he is driven by madness? The narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” claims to have been driven to commit the murder of his wife because of rage and fear that was afflicted upon him by a black cat. An unknown narrator is writing his confession from his prison cell so that the reader can understand his actions. He pens how as a child he was fond of animals and the wife he took at a young age shares the same interest as well. Amongst the various animals they have the narrator expresses a deep affection for one particular animal, a black cat named Pluto who he explains loves him very much too. As the story goes on the narrator states he has a change of personality growing moodier with age. One day coming from town he assumes Pluto has avoided him so in a rage he grabs the cat, startles him and gets furious when the cat bites back. Enraged the narrator reaches for a pocketknife stabbing out one of Pluto’s eyes. Filled with regret and guilt he later results to hanging the Pluto because he knew the…

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