The Black Cat : Horror Or Optimistic Essay

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The Black Cat: Horror or Optimistic Edgar A. Poe is traditional considered one of the greatest masters of horror stories. “The Black Cat” is one of his masterpieces, so the naïve readers may think that “The Black Cat” is a horror work. In fact, however, “The Black Cat” is not a horror work but an optimistic work, which the ideal readers may think. This essay explains that “The Black Cat” is a work reaching optimistic conclusions about human existence through horror. This essay talks about five parts. First, the tale “The Black Cat” is a literary confession. Second, there is a tension between fabula and plot in “The Black Cat.” Third, the confession is a plot, in which the narrated events follow a logical order: the good is affirmed, but the evil is punished. Fourth, this essay introduces five forms of evil: superstition, alcoholism, hell in Christian mythology, the Spirit of the Perverse, and words presenting morally unacceptable actions. Finally, “The Black Cat” is an optimistic moral tale. First, “The Black Cat” is a literary confession. There are four types of confession, and they are legal confession, confession of faith, religious confession and literary confession. The legal confession is related to legal issues, and it is a dialogue between the criminal and law. The confession of faith is a confession of a person stating accepted by the community. In religious confession, the vertical communication is used, and the addressee is the god. The god defines…

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