The Black And White Collar Jobs Essay

1079 Words May 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
There are various ways of referring to class. Often, when people talk about lower/middle and upper class, they talk in terms of blue/white collar jobs. Ideally we would all think we fall into the middle class; however, most of society is in the lower/middle class even though they are working their dream job with a degree. There are many inequalities in the economic system for the lower/middle class such as they are financially unstable, facing hardships with minimum wage, college debt, and health care. Additionally, the American dream has changed drastically throughout the years. The ‘unfair, ' the system that effects the rich-poor balance has been getting big traction. Middle-class is paying higher taxes than upper class; the tax systems are upside, and down poor people are paying more and the rich people are paying less. I believe that wealthy people are paying too little taxes. When you are in the middle class you are stuck paying more than someone that is the upper class. According to David Leonhardt in “Inequality has been going on forever…” he mentioned, “Instead their middle class and poor have enjoyed more aggressively rising incomes, all while their economies grow as rapidly as this country’s in recent years.” (Leonardt 543) For instance, working in the middle class we don 't get enough money to pay off every single thing, so we have to try to balance all the bills and necessities out. I see many people are struggling they cannot pay all of their bills.…

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