Essay The Biological Traits Of Gay People And Straight People

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This particular episode of All in the Mind focuses on the hypothesis “Is being gay in your biology?” The research of three scientists focusing on what biological traits are different between gay people and straight people is presented in an easy to understand fashion.
The first researcher we come across is Psychologist Dr. Richard A. Lippa. Dr. Lippa is looking for a link between gay people and their personalities by trying to figure out if genes play a role in the interests of gay people. One of the things Dr. Lippa looks for during his field research is if the swirl of a man’s hair is counter-clockwise or clockwise while interviewing the subject. He also pays particular attention to other phenotypical aspects of his research subjects such as left or right-handedness. Although there is no perfect mold of gay people, there is an average model that they fall under with clockwise turning of their hair and left-handedness. Dr. Lippa also looks at other biological factors such as if the subject has siblings and their birth order to see if there is a general trend. Dr. Lippa also discusses the gender conformity issues and he states that gay and lesbian people tend to fall in-between the spectrum of heterosexual men and women when it comes to their personalities.
The second researcher we heard was Dr. Simon LeVay a neuroscientist that studied various parts of the brain along with the differences in the sizes of the different hemispheres of homosexual/heterosexual men and women.…

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