Essay on The Biological, Psychological, And Social Factors Involved

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When analyzing a case, it is very important to discuss the major biological, psychological, and social factors involved. It is important to pay special attention on how these factors intersect on one another and how this intersectional play affects the whole well being of a human. Robins, S.P., Chatterjee, P. & Canda, E.R. (2012) stress that “all systems theories are based on a holistic view of people that acknowledges the interrelationship between biological, psychological, social cultural and spiritual dimensions of behavior” (Susan P. Robbins, Pranab Chatterjee, Edward R. Canda, Contemporary Human Behavior Theory A Critical Perspective for Social Work, 2012, p. 52). One must ask, why is this important? The answer is quite simple. The intersectional play determines whether a person is successful in life or not. In order for one to strive for success he/she must have motivation to create positive outcomes, which drives change. But what happens if one experiences negative intersectional play? His or her life tends to be full of distress, hardship, oppression, discrimination, and hurt. In the two vignette cases one can see how intersectional play is reveal through engagement strategy.
#1 Joseph
In Joseph’s vignette, one has to ask: “What is the social worker trying to accomplish?” According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics, the task of the social worker is to augment human well-being and focus on meeting the client’s basic…

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