The Bill Of Rights For The People Of The United States Essay

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This Court’s adherence to the maximization of the rights enumerated in the The Bill of Rights for the people of the United States, is in connection to the core democratic ideals embedded within its creed: liberty, equality, fraternity, and individuality. The government’s role is to enable the individual to achieve maximum potential, in his own uniqueness, as it pertains to these four elements, while maintaining social order. Although, it is pivotal that we find a balance between the four elements, because, we have placed large emphasis on the element of liberty as a society, we must too emphasize that there can be no invalid infringement or misuse of liberty—ensured by a just society on the basis of law. Upon suspension from the university and two conflicting lower court rulings, Ryan Keller has appealed to the Supreme Court against Regents of the University of California, claiming his First Amendment right to speech was violated by the school, in attempt to silence his expression of unpopular political views. Regents of the University of California’s defense lies on the basis that Keller’s behavior, while expressing his views, violated the school’s code of conduct prohibiting harassment and disruptive behavior. It is the Court’s responsibility to uphold the Constitution, while in pursuit of its ideals, even when in conflict with order; upon profound examination of the case’s facts, I uphold Keller’s First Amendment right to express his opinion on the basis of: a lack of a…

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