Essay on The Big Bang Theory

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Our world is made of elements and combinations of elements called compounds. An element is a pure substance made of atoms that are all of the same type. At this given time, 116 elements are known, and roughly about 90 of these occur naturally. But how do we know what elements are in our universe?, Scientists have developed many theories as to why and how we know. These theories consist of mainly the Big Bang Theory and how it had created the first and lightest elements in our universe, or Red giants(Dying stars) because as the dying star’s core begins to run out of hydrogen it begins to die and create carbon atoms as a result of it’s death, another piece of evidence we have on this topic is supernova’s because star releases a very large amount of energy and this allows elements heavier than iron such as uranium and gold to be produced.
And the last piece of evidence that will be discussed thoroughly will be how Dmitri Mendeleev had devised the periodic table and the periodic law that allowed him to leave blanks in his invention based on the known and unknown elements in our universe.

One of the main evidence we genuinely have on how we know what elements there are is the big bang theory which was the start of our universe. During the formation and expansion of the universe 13 .7 billion years ago, the big bang only created the lightest and most simple elements such as hydrogen and helium along with trace amounts of lithium and beryllium along side. After only a couple of…

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