The Biblical Subtext In Beckett's Waiting For Godot

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waiting for godot The play "Waiting for Godot" has been the source of many interpretations despite its ambiguous nature. These interpritations have ranged from biblical allusion to the word I can 't spell without a dictionary, existentialism. In Ann Bugliani 's essay, The Biblical Subtext in Beckett 's Waiting for Godot, she presents the reader with exerpts and analysis them by what she belived them to be of a biblical subtext. One example of this it the name of the person Vladimir and Estragon wait for, Godot. To some literary Scholars, "Godot" is a play on God. According to the comments on the youtube video, it stands for "little god" showing showing a disregard and some say a jab on the concept of a God. However, looking at the meaning …show more content…
This seemed to disappoint him greatly. ' leads us back to square one. Perhaps like a Rorschach test, these interpretations offer us insight into what is belived to be important among society at the time of the interpretations and the individual as a whole. It 's interesting to note how in one era, a specific story will have one interpretation and with the passage of time it picks up a new one. As is the case with Farenite 451, the original meaning or reason for the creation of the story gets lost because is either of no importance to the interpreters or they belive that the authors reasoning is wrong. This is a reason why this story has become so popular and under so much scrutiny. It 's purposely made to be ambiguous and are left up to the decisions of the reader. Samuel Beckett 's minimalistic play Waiting for Godot, the option of choice appears through the play: from their decisions of action, their commitment to what imprisons them, and their inability to act …show more content…
Not to mention the fact when these men manage to make a conscious decision, they can’t translate that mental choice into a physical act. An example of this is when they decide to leave, they are either unable or unwilling to act on their decision. Which leads to this seemingly endless cycle that makes up their lives. The characters do not act out on their words or actions or intentions when they say and agree they should leave but don 't, claiming that " 's safer"(Estragon). It 's also interesting to note that even with their option of hanging themselves from the nearby tree,while seems like a conscious choice to get away still permits them to stay in the same place just not

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