The Between The Sexes : A Great Divide Essay

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The Different Views on Gender
Just like in “Between the Sexes: A Great Divide,” today’s society continues to deal with a similar situation like before. The tension that is between male and female is represented in real life scenarios in our lives every day. In this essay I will be comparing Quindlen views on the division between the sexes to real life examples that are overlooked every day.
The first example that Anna Quindlen uses is a boy-girl middle school party. She explains how people are on the dance floor, and that there is trapdoor in between the two sexes. In which the group of boys is on one side and the group of females on the other. The space between the two group is what the division is. Quindlen being a feminist has tried viewing things in a male perspective but she doubts, because her friend, who is big factor in her life, has a mentality that explains that male and females are different species. She tries telling herself that they are fundamentally alike, but she knows that women are not welcomed at a variety of positions and roles that only men are occupied in. She believes that a males thinking judgement are a lot different from how a female like herself would like it. One example, that Quindlen uses, is her scenario of living with three males, two sons and her husband. She talks about the failure of her husband and kids and how she has to take out her frustration to her friend, since they don’t understand. When she placed an amaryllis bulb in the…

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