Essay The Between Science And Religion

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Many people believe that religion (their own) is true and have no question of it. On the contrary, science is thought to be artificial and flawed. It is easier to believe in one’s own religion because it is deeply rooted in the person. When asked to think otherwise, it is difficult to believe in other faiths and raises questions of science. Science is thought of as a theory and some things can be proven and others can’t. When it comes to religion, one has a choice to believe (have faith) or not believe, but that does not mean it does not exist. Charles Towne argues ‘ there are many connections between science and religion and they coexist’. He believes there are revelations in science (Towne, 1966). He argues, they are not referred to as revelations generally speaking. In his research of light and microwaves, there were discoveries of maser and laser. He suggests he had a revelation just when he felt like giving up. In that moment, he got an idea that sparked his interest and later emerged into his success. Charles also thinks that science and faith (religion) are closely related and should interact.

According to Mr. Towne, science and religion share the same goals and seek information related to mankind. Charles asserts, “Science aims to obtain information related to our universe and its laws, while religion aims to understand the purpose of the universe and the meaning of it” (Towne, 1966). Although science has its limitations, religion is thought to be limitless by faith…

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