Essay on The Between Science And Religion

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Neuroscience research continues to evolve at a rapid rate due to the persistent implementation of new diagnostic techniques. At times advancement within neuroscience outruns philosophical and religious understanding. Thus, it is crucial for Christian neuroscientists to approach the field with openness as well as proper perspective. In order to make sense of new discoveries, a Christian must adequately defend their interpretation of the relationship between science and religion. A good defense draws upon historical evidence specifically the convictions of prior scientists. With proper knowledge the Christian scientist is better equipped to rationalize the implications of neuroscience’s cutting edge findings. Jeeves and Brown discuss a broad range of topics in their book Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion, yet they emphasize the link between the mind and the brain. This review will focus on the relationship between science and religion, the relevance of an educated historical perspective, and its application towards modern neuroscience. When I reflect upon the past year at Northwestern, I notice the themes of science and religion have been evident throughout. I attended a conservative Christian high school, which interpreted science and religion as separate entities. At most science could display the beauty of God’s creation but only with regards to certain things. Hence, as a freshman biology student I struggled spiritually when the theory of evolution presented a…

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