The Between Ecotopia And The Rest Of The United States Essays

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Between Ecotopia and the rest of the United States, there has always been issues, ever since the beginning of their separation in 1980. Ecotopia started to create a more well-balanced nation where nothing could come against their land. The community formed a powerful government that listened to the people and gave its time and energy into creating a land thats best for everyone. The United States kept searching for answers on what was going on in the other side of the border which held ( Northern California, Washington, and Oregon). The U.S government has been struggling to maintain their wealth with the many wars they have been in, for example, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. The Ecotopian government sets the standard that is followed ,which is what a government is created for: To show it citizens the way to live and the rules to abide by, but there are issues in the government. Even with separation, there are always holes in a government, there is always discontent, there is no such things as a utopia. In the beginning of the creation of ecotopia they had a more bright future which started with the first true ecotopian thinkers that come into the picture. There was Vera Alween who was a California State senator who was angered by the Eastern food corporation for not selling fresh products anymore which led her to start a group known as the survivalist party. Another was a young high schooler who created a way to generate electricity from seawater . They began to lead a way…

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