The Best Things Of Life Come Little With Perseverance And Dedication

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The best things in life come little by little with perseverance and dedication. I am a Mexican girl, born in Juarez, where I spent all my childhood. Later on, it became a city with a lot of violence and not opportunities at all. Consequently, we moved to Mazatlan a small town, with nothing but only some briefcases and some toys for my little brother. We did not have a house or money, anyways this was not a failure to succeed, we believed that this was a new beginning for us to thrive. As a new start, in high school, I behave with determination and fire, obtaining the highest GPA. By this time, I had it clear that I needed to give all my effort in order to gain a scholarship for college. Three years later, It all paid back because gratefully I received a full-tuition merit scholarship at Anahuac University, which is one of the top ten universities in Mexico.
Thereafter I finished high school, I moved to Queretaro to pursue my dreams, in which I discovered a depth desire to help others transform themselves. Soon thereafter, I became a volunteer for the organization Make a Wish, in which I had the incredible opportunity to meet a lovely young girl. She was only 6 years old and sadly sick with leukemia. Although, that was not an impediment for her; she was a child with a lot of illusions and the dream to attend to school like other girls. More important, with her energy and enthusiasm made me realize that I wanted it to be part of something special and meaningful. We did…

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