The Best Sight Of The World Is A Hospital Essay

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The best sight in the world is a hospital in your rearview mirror. So much for a couple of days of observation, it was more like a week.
I knew I had a ton of makeup work, but I so didn’t care. There were no beeping sounds, no prodding, poking, blood pressure checking, and the vampires were going to be ones with teeth captured in the pages of my books.
The worst sight in the world is opening your front door and more people than you can count are all in your house. My parents had planned a coming home party for me. I took a deep breath and wondered if they would ever really care enough to know me.
Alex was absent most of the day, which hurt me a little. I was expecting him to ride home with me, but he didn’t even call. My guess was that he was mad at me, but, I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t take back what I said. I still needed to tell him about my campfire in Fiji.
I huddled in a corner of the living room while well-wishers made their rounds. Being an invalid, apparently had its perks too. People begged to fetch things for me, but the longer Alex stayed away the more my mood turned sour.
My mom walked cheerfully over to me. "Honey, are you sure there isn’t anything I can get you?"
This was my shot. "Mom, I appreciate the party, I really do, but I’m worn out."
She had me in my room, lying on my bed, and my door shut before I could say another word. That was AWESOME! The snake bite certainly worked in my favor this time. After about ten minutes of shifting and grunting, I gave…

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