Essay on The Best Mercenaries And Skilled Craftsmen

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“I want your expertise in hiring the best mercenaries and skilled craftsmen available to assist Professor Kinnock, as secrecy for this project is of the utmost importance.”
Kane thought for a while, sipping on his wine. “I know the perfect man, his name is Jouka, a well-disciplined individual with superior leadership skills with loyal followers who will do as he directs and for the right price, his loyalty can be bought.”
“Good. Secure their services. You and your mercenaries are going to Milorien.”
“Milorien, my lord?” Kane was dumbfounded, but after a few moments, he composed himself and asked the question that Nightburn knew he would ask. “What’s at Milorien?”
“An old military installation that my father and Professor Kinnock secretly constructing, although it’s a pile of rumble now, with time, it should be possible to return it to its former state. I want you and your men to begin reconstruction under the direction of Professor Kinnock. I have made arrangements for you to procure the funds you’ll need to accomplish this task.” Nightburn then stood, and pulled out a world map from his desk drawer laying it out in front of them. He tore away sections of the map leaving only Milorien, marking the location of the base with his pen. “You are not to tell anyone about this, especially Balthazar. Under no circumstances, can anyone other than those directly involved in this project, know about its existence. Do you understand my meaning?”
“Yes, your meaning is crystal…

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