The Berlin Olympics Of 1936 Essay

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During 1934 a huge event occurred when the president of Germany was announced dead, Hitler becomes president, but his party immediately insisted Hitler in becoming the dictator of Germany without the people’s opinion for another president. Germans were glad that Hitler took over because Germany was a disaster at that time there weren’t any jobs and the people needed help so they trusted in him. Hitler promised that their problems would go away, make Germany a better country, and getting rid of communist; however, everything he promised came true. He was a man of his word, but after 1942 people didn’t trust him due to the chaos he was making. Transporting all Jews to the concentration camps and making them wear the Star of David to distinguish the Jews from other people (The History Place). It was a horrible event that occurred over Europe especially in Poland where most of the concentration camps were located. The Berlin Olympics of 1936 held by the Nazi’s Party was a great opportunity to show the world the master race. “Hitler wanted the Olympics to be perfect so he had to remove all the posters and signs that violated the Jews such as the signs that stated "Jews not welcome here" were not longer visible - anything was done to ensure that the Games went smoothly and caused no upset (The 1936 Berlin).” Hitler tried to camouflage any media that had Jews involved so other countries wouldn’t get suspicious. As the Berlin Olympics were proceeding with the games Jesse Owens an…

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