Japanese Imperialist Policy

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World War two started for the United States in December of 1941. Be that as it may, the world was at war on three continents; Asia, Europe and Africa. It began with small battles between Japan and China over “Japanese imperialist policy aimed at expanding its influence politically and militarily in order to secure access to raw material reserves. Other economic resources in the area, particularly food and labor, and engage war with others in the policy context of aggressive modernized militarism in the Asia-Pacific” (Duus, 1996). The needs for raw materials lead to a full invasion of the Chinese mainland by the Japanese in 1937. In December the Japanese launched an assault on the village on Nanjing, during the six week span of the occupation …show more content…
responded to the Japanese aggression by “establishing an embargo on oil and gasoline exports to Japan” (Atkin, 1990). With the U.S. providing Japan with nearly 80% of its oil Japan turned to the Dutch East Indies with a request of nearly 4 million barrels. Japan know had an increased interest in the East Indies but comprehended that Malaya and the Philippines must be controlled, but this would surely mean a U.S. intervention (Cohens, Evans & Peattie, 1997). The U.S. embargo gave Japan a sense of urgency to either agree to the U.S. demands or find an alternant way maintain their Imperial quest of …show more content…
The assault on the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor was a small piece to a bigger prize. By decimating the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Japan would now be able to take control of the East Indies without worry of an American intervention.
In early 1938 Germany had demanded that Poland relinquish control Danzig to build a railroad that would run through the Poland. The Polish leadership rebuked suck and idea, afraid that if they accepted the proposal that Poland would become dependent on Germany and lose its independence. In March of 1939 after negotiations failed and “Germany withdrew from both the German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact of 1934” (Clark, 2011). From May to August 1939 Germany prepared for an attack Poland, and on the Moring of 1 September

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