The Benefits Of Different Parenting Styles Essay examples

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The Benefits of Different Parenting Styles
When raising a child, many new parents consider multiple aspects of their newborn’s life. Whether it may be the environment and community their child is growing up in, what the best school systems and churches are best for their child, and the economic growth of the area they live in, parents want the best possible opportunity. Many new parents also reflect onto their childhoods and wish to give their children the type of childhood they never had. For instance, an individual who grows up in harsh times will want to better themselves from their humble beginnings in order to provide their future children with a better lifestyle than they had been raised with. Even children in wealthy homes will want to prosper and ensure that their future children can receive numerous of better opportunities than they had received.
Another aspect is the size of the family the parents were born into and how much time is spent with family. The extended family such as the grandparents, aunts and uncles could also depend on where the parents may decide to raise their child. If one of the parents were an only child growing up, they may want multiple kids so that they can give their child a best friend for life. Parents who were raised in a big family may also want a big family as well or a small family so that both the parents can focus their love into an only child.
The range of parenting styles wildly vary. There are parents who have been…

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