Parenting Style Influence

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Attachment, Parenting Style & Resilience

1. The attachment (pg.215) of infants with their mother has always been the normal role that is given to them from society. Just like Bowlby states in his attachment theory, “that an infant need to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for the child’s successful social and emotional development.” That’s the reason of attachment to the one who gives the infant their emotional affordance (pg.183). It is usually the mother’s role, but people preference (pg.183), is an example of when the infant have their mind set on who shows them more care and attention. Most babies what that connection with their mothers since birth or even before birth, but if the mother is not available it will become attached to the one who cares for him or her. The bond the baby or infant feels with their caregiver is very important because it makes them feel safe and secure to that
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But, also can raise a child to be neglected synchronized (pg.214) or make them show insecurities-avoidant attachment (pg. 217) with their parent or caregiver. Many caregivers tend to repeat the cycle of how they were brought up and unfortunately some of it is not the correct way. Then the child continues the same pattern when becoming a parent themselves and the cycle goes on and on until it is broken. That’s the importance of learning and educating yourself when you want to raise a child, it is not an easy task. As parents, we tried to break the cycle of neglect or abandonment that we felt while growing up, but sometimes it is hard to break. These attachments issues should be referenced and tended to as soon as possible before the child shows symptoms of it and can’t be repaired. Through social learning (pg. 225) and proximal parenting (pg. 226) can help reverse some of these early symptoms and promise a successful outcome for the

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