The Belly Of The Green Bird Essay example

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Based off the reviews of In the Belly of the Green Bird, I chose to read this historical account book. In the Belly of the Green Bird was written by Nir Rosen, who is a political journalist for the United States. The book is written as a personal account of what the writer was seeing in 2003 Iraq. While I was reading the historical account of Iraq, I was able to understand what was truly happening in the region. I was also able to understand why Iraqis view Americans the way they do. Based off of everything I have read, I will evaluate In the Belly of the Green Bird as well as give my overall opinion. Nir Rosen is a freelance writer for The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and Harper’s Magazine. While Rosen was still in his twenties, he was able to report the truth from inside some of the most dangerous countries in the world. He wrote In the Belly of the Green Bird as his personal journal experience in Iraq mostly around April-March 2003 and a year and a half later. The New York Review of Books addressed Rosen as the reporter who managed to get inside Fallujah “… at a time when it was a death trap for Western reporters...” Rosen was one of the very few Western reporters that was able to go into Iraq and see the truth behind the conflicts. Rosen also had better opportunities compared to other journalists because he speaks Iraqi-accented Arabic language. This helped Rosen communicate with the local people and while breaking down the language and culture…

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