The Behavior Of Individual Behavior Essay examples

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The behavior of individuals is supposed to be like what is seen as society expectations through conforming to the norms that are accepted. The social norms of the society measure the appropriateness and inappropriateness of an individual behavior, and they are perceived to be a gauge that determines the behavior of an individual. When people are introduced to a certain social norm, they will change their behavior closer to the norm to be accepted by the society. When people have behaviors that conform to the social norm of the society they are said to be normal, contrary to normal behaviors is abnormal behavior that is said to have extreme behaviors (Overbeck & and Park, 2001).
Normal behaviors are said to be consistent with the behaviors of most of the people in the region a person emanates from. Normal behavior must conform to the common behavior that is found all over the society and should be acceptable. Behaviors are subject to change depending on a person, place, time or situation, and it is subject to societal norms and standards. Normal behavior is often contrasted with the abnormal behavior in the context of the society’s standards. In this case, normal behavior is associated with doing good morals as contrasted to abnormal that is closely associated with bad morals in regards to society.
Abnormal behaviors on the other hand are said to be deviated or deviating from the society’s norms and are known to be behavioral characteristics. An abnormal behavior is…

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