Essay on The Beginning Of The War

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Through the years 1914-1989, those who were not involved in the wars during this time period may have seen these particular events unique for many reasons. Many may have found the entire twentieth century unique and maybe even entertaining at the moment because they were not the ones involved in the dilemma until later in the century; however, are still fascinated with the war and the outcomes of it. Many individuals involved in these situations or were in Europe during this rough time may have felt as though the wars have and will be going on forever, rather than those who were uninvolved and watched the madness occur. As discussed before, some may think that the wars were encouraged by the previous and some believe it may have just as well been one war altogether. As for the entire twentieth century (1914-1989), we can view it as a war of ideologies in Europe, due to the clashes of ideas during the time.
As we have read thus far, the beginning of the war was started at the cause of Frank Duke Ferdinand’s death, escalated with the German’s declaring war on Russia, and ended with the Treaty of Versailles. What as oddly unique about this war is that it was considered the most costly, bloodiest, and largest war, which is why it is also known as the Great War. This war involved almost every country in Europe at the time and with the attempts of overthrowing one another. The interwar period was unique many meetings, conferences, and treaties were held to create a peace between…

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