The Beginning Of The New World Essay

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The year 1492 marked the demolition of an unparalleled coexistence between the Jews, Muslims and Christians. The enforced conversation based on religious ideology led to the manifestation of a nascent racial ideology. It also marks the year which some might refer to as the New World where Columbus through his inquisition discovered America. Columbus first voyage was treated differently by many. Some people believe it to be the beginning of the new world where democracy, civilisation and different forms of arts were introduced whilst others mostly those of African descent, identified Columbus with imperialism, colonialism and conquest. Historians still debate as to whether he should be remembered as the discoverer who brought European culture to a previously unknown world or bereavement and partial extinction to a whole race. The reality is although 1492 can be viewed as prosperous, the Columbus discovery brought death and disease; atrocities were committed setting a sequence in motion of greed, cruelty and genocide but most evidently giving birth to the institutionalisation of the deeply rooted issue of race that still affects us today. Subsequently 1492 should be mourned to give memory to those that lost their lives in probably the largest genocide ever witnessed in human history and also to give recognition to concepts such as race, slavery and freedom. The paper will justify the argument posed above by explaining the origins of race in detail beginning with the Spanish…

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