The Beauty Of Beauty And Beauty Essay example

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By nature, human being loves to beautify themselves and their surroundings; and they also like to share their feelings and ideas with others. This tendency can be seen itself in every place and age. The primitive men decorated their earthen ware pots with line and colors for the sheer delights of seeing them-although these have no practical use. When civilization progressed and people had more means and time at their disposal to make things beautiful and artistic, they produced many works of art, such as imposing buildings with ornamental gardens, paintings, sculptures etc. In fact art holds an honored place in every great civilization, since beauty serves to enrich one soul with spiritual joys.
Beauty appears primarily in nature in flowers, mountains, and a glorious sunset. This is a divine creation of his. Artistic beauty proceeds from man a fine painting, a graceful statue, an elegant home, soul-stirring music, real photography etc. Works of art show great variety because human being differs in their tastes or appreciation of beauty. Creating a work of art is a process full of play of emotions, feelings, ideas, dreams, desires, discomforts etc. It is not only working on a chalked out plan, but, in fact, a discovery of a dimension of being, a new dimension that can only come into being through the creative manipulations of a material, medium, words, tones, melody, rhythm, action, gestures and above all, imagination. To an artist’s eye, his work is a path paved out…

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