The Bean Eaters Poem Analysis

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Love songs and poems are very popular in poetry and song writing. The Poem, The Bean Eaters, is about an elderly couple that are left with nothing in there lives, but love. George Strait’s chart topper, I Cross My Heart is about a man telling a woman about his everlasting love for her. In many ways the two poems are very similar but still remain different. Each of these two poems have different mood and tone even though the poems are mostly about love.
The Bean Eaters is a hard poem to understand, you don’t understand entirely what the poem main point of the poem is about. This poem uses a lot of figurative language. Line’s five through eight say, “Two who are mostly good. Two who have lived their day, but keep on putting on their clothes
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As listeners we do not know where this song is sung at. We have know idea on what is happening around these people. All we can really see in this is there is a presence of unconditional love which is stated in the first line, “Our love was unconditional.” (Strait) Know the Bean Eaters poem ties right into this. The poem gives you the presence that the elderly couple has everlasting love, all the have is each other to hang on to. Throughout the poem, The Bean Eaters, there are many sound devices. Lines five through eight read, “Two who are Mostly Good. Two who have lived their day, But keep on putting on their clothes And putting things away.” (Brooks) There are small rhyme found throughout the poem like the one wrote here. When reading this poem you run into lines that you may thing is the start of a rhyme but end up sounding flat and bland. Gwendolyn Brooks the author of the poem make the poem sound like this because the characters in the poem are also very bland and without …show more content…
Like many songs, especially country songs, the artist finds words that all you together and work in harmony with one another. Most songs don’t rhyme like a poem would, but the words can be opposite sounding. Take these line form the song for instance From here on after,”Let 's stay the way we where And share all the love and laughter That a lifetime will allow.”(Strait) The words work with the music put to them without the words rhyming. Onomatopoeia is present in most of the lines in this song. Other words are explaining a certain words in the song and basing the song off those words. The tone the author presents in The Bean Eaters to the reader is a depressing tone. The subject of the poem is about two people that have nothing but each other. The poem states that they have lived their day that we find in meaning that life is coming to an end as in your day is over. Line ten says, “Remembering, with twinklings and twinges.”Brooks) All they have left is the memories of yesterday. They mood of the poem can be seen as depressing and melancholy throughout thirteen line. The poem makes it easy to see this through the lack of excitement and emotion throughout the

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