The Bay Delta Plan Essay

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The Bay-Delta Plan, developed in 2006 by state, federal, and local leaders, was mainly used to divert freshwater from the delta.The plan essentially prevents the flow of water disruption by constructing three new intakes along the Sacramento River approximately 35 miles north of the existing pumping plants. The plan also has called for two tunnels buried up to 150 feet beneath the Delta soil to carry the water south, ensuring that water supplies can be delivered no matter the climate.
This new plan has been constructed to replace the 1982 Conservation Act, which was inefficient and unreliable. The 1982 plan initially consisted of splitting California and moving the delta to provide for wildlife, farmers, and cities. This plan was rejected immediately, resulting in the settlement of a peripheral canal to move Sacramento’s water. The main conflict surrounding the water conservation act and its regulations is the water-rich north must provide for the water-short south with little compensation.
The Bay-Delta Conservation plan is not a plan to increase water flow but to conserve the existing water. The 1982 Conservation Act was pushing around 23,000 cubic meters of water to farm land, but this new act reduces this to 9,000 cubic meters of water. The new act will help to decrease water usage and benefit methods such as drip irrigation.
Many have found the Bay-Delta Conservation plan to be economically and environmentally correct but, this is false. The U.S Environmental…

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