Essay on The Battle Royal And Toomer 's Blood Burning Moon

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In mid-twentieth century America, it was hard for African-Americans. Even though slavery was over with, racism still played a part in African-American’s lives. Racism was well alive back in the mid-twentieth century and was expressed in different ways. Racism was not just about calling an African-American a “nigger”. Racism played a substantial part in how African-Americans were treated by the white man. Although Ellison’s “Battle Royal” and Toomer’s “Blood-Burning Moon” both inhabit a society divided along unquestionable racist lines in mid-twentieth century America, Ellison’s story adheres the realization that personal accomplishments signifies nothing for an African-American in a society dominated by racism. While Toomer’s story, it depicts how whites still want to have control of African-Americans like back in slavery days. In “Battle Royal” racism was expressed by white men abusing their power, knowing they will get away with it because of the timeframe that they are living in. In “Battle Royal” the white men abuse their power by forcing the black boys to watch a naked white women dance seductively in front of them. The narrator stated that “some threatened us if we looked and others if we did not” (391). The white men are abusing their power, knowing that these black boys were going to be terrified to watch the naked white woman dance seductively due to the time era that they lived in. One of the boys fainted and instead of helping him stay up, the narrator states…

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