The Battle Over Power And Control Essay example

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Historically, war have been a vital between counties for control over each other. For century war have been fought mainly over power and control. The battle over power and control have led to the matter of life and death, a path either to safety or to begin ruin, but in all cases it led to death and ruin many individuals home and life’s. Likewise, War has been and still is one ways or reason to influence and the spread of “culture”, “civilization” and mostly importantly “religion” (Michael Lee Lanning). During many battles throughout history different groups of individuals were taken advantage over. Moreover, in a patriarchal society women, people of color, and also people of different religious or culture groups are treated, unequal which causes an impairment and prevent women, people of color, and also people of different religious or groups from attending freedom. War is sometime justifiable in some cases. In History they were some leader who are simply pure evil and whose state of mind prevents them from normal perception. For instance Adolf Hitler was one of those insane leader who was out his mind. He killed Millions of people because of believes and Race.
A center issue in defining whether are all action justifiable in War is determined by three point of views Tim O’Brien “The things They Carried”. O’Brien illustrate the experience of young, uneducated and inexperienced solider in the Vietnam War. He talks about the things each solider carry with them some are…

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