Essay about The Battle Of World War II

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After World War I the Germans were broken. This brokenness led to a void and a willingness to receive help from anyone. Unfortunately the person who rose to power and filled that void was Adolph Hitler. As the rest of Europe watched, Germany occupied several countries including France, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. Soon after Hitler formed the Third Reich and World War II started, the Germans invaded Poland in 1939 (Barnes & Noble XV). For five years the battles raged throughout Europe between the Allies and the Axis. June 6th, 1944 marked D-day, the most pivotal point of World War II. This battle took place in Normandy, France between the Allied and Axis forces. Allied forces consisted of Belgium, British Empire (Australia, Canada, UK, and Northern Ireland), China, Free French Forces, and Polish Government in exile, Soviet Union, and the United States (Atkinson Vlll). Axis countries were Germany, Japan, and Italy (Xl). In preparation, the Allied forces brought nearly 200,000 seamen and merchant marines, 59 convoys carrying 130,000 soldiers, 2,000 tanks, 12,000 vehicles, and over 3,000 planes to the beaches of Normandy in order to defeat the German Axis army who had gained control of France (53). The Axis were stationed “On many of the beaches, the sand between high and low tide was completely covered with girders that had teller mines which were there to blow the tracks off panzers if any tried to come ashore, and also the Belgian gates” (Eckhertz 98).…

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