The Battle Of The Imperial Family Essay

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In the early Empire the Emperor was in charge of all matters including military and political. The first lady would have had no say in what happened out of the household but in the household she could have had a lot of influence in what happened, but she would have taken no credit for it because it was all up to the Emperor. The Emperor had a huge influence in military matters and how the armies worked, meaning that it could have changed depending on what they wanted, regardless what others want. For example Augustus one of the Emperors, he changed the numbers and amount of soldiers in the legions. The Emperor had the over-ruling power in the Empire as they were leaders of the Republic. The Imperial family has changed throughout history as the first Emperors did not regard the Imperial family as a monarchy but as the Emperors changed the attitude towards the monarchy changed and the Imperial family became more like a monarchy. The Emperors were to get offices and certain titles of importance in the Republic this was to get them the most power and authority over the people in the Empire and the Republic. Becoming an Emperor was a hereditary thing, so not everyone could become an Emperor it was something passed down generations.
. Augustus was the emperor who change the Roman Republic and made it a monarchy. This was a very effective changed which made the empire at peace which was successful from his loving reign as Emperor. Augustus ' name was actually Gaius Octavius but…

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