The Battle Of The Great Persian Empire Essay

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On a hot, clear day on a coastal plain, ten thousand men marched out in defense of a nation. Most clad in bronze armour, armed with a spear and shield, others with a mere bow and arrow, and others still on horseback. These men were probably scared to death of the fleet on the horizon and the camp below them. The great Persian Empire has fielded 30,000 members of their unstoppable army, which has razed cities into ashes and forged an Empire so large 44% of the world’s population called the Shahanshah of Persia their King. But, against the odds, they won, and unleashed a chain of events leading to an insignificant city state into becoming the hegemon, or first city, of all of Greece. There were more battles to be fought, and the young democracy of Athens would transport their ideology and culture across the Aegean Sea that lay before those ten thousand at Marathon. The Athenians left an undisputable mark on the history of the world. By defending the Greek ideals of democracy and liberty at the Battle of Marathon and at other battles throughout the Persian Wars, the Athenians managed to create an ancient superpower of an empire whose artists and philosophers’ ideas still affect the world today.
As the 6th century B.C. faded into the chaotic 5th century, the Athenians were faced with an enormous problem. The city-state, at the time, not one of any substance compared to cities like Corinth or Sparta, had managed to incur the wrath of Persia, as mentioned, the globe-spanning…

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