Essay on The Battle Of The American Civil War

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When the American Civil War is brought up, most will recall land battles like at Gettysburg and Antietam; you will be hard-pressed to find the average person evoking Mobile Bay or Charleston Harbor. Most famous is the Civil War that occurred on land; yet, the Civil War that occurred on the sea and in the rivers was a decisive factor to the Union victory and Confederate loss. The American Civil War is known as the “first modern war”, namely because the Industrial Revolution was occurring at the same time. With the Industrial Revolution came new technologies, including the advent of steam power, which resulted in adjustments of the strategy and tactics in naval warfare. Because of this, one of the major factors contributing to who “wins” and who loses was the ability to adapt to these new technologies and correctly implement them.
Throughout history, the advantage in warfare has lied almost entirely in the offensive. That is, of course, until the Industrial Revolution. With advances in the accuracy, range, and quality of weapons systems and artillery, the advantage swung almost entirely to the defensive. Neither side realized this, however, until the war was already over and both sides suffered the many casualties that resulted in that. What gave the Union the upper hand, besides the more advanced Navy and greater numbers, was their better understanding and implementation of new technologies. With the invention of steam power, it became much easier to navigate rivers and go…

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