The Battle Of The American Civil War Essay

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The American civil war was known to be the bloodiest battle in American history and the last war fought on American soil. The competitors of the American Civil War were the Union and the Confederacy, or North and South and both of the sides thought that the war would be quick but the war carried on for four years and killed two percent of the American population. The American Civil War turned America into a much stronger nation because of the many developments that it generated during the very close war. World War I portrays many of the new developments of the American Civil War. The American Civil War which is often called the first modern war represented a breeding and testing ground for new naval and air developments, new military strategies, and new weapons.
During the American Civil War a new type of nautical warfare sprung up which allowed a new navy shipto resemble a sea fort. This became possible because ships started to be built with iron exteriors instead of wooden exteriors. These ships became known as ironclads. The first two ironclads of the civil war were the Monitor and Merrimack and their encounter was named The Battle of Hampton Roads. The Confederacy was trying to break a Union blockade which prevented trading, with its ironclad called the Merrimack, but the ironclad ship of the union intercepted the ship. Both of these ships did not have sails and were mainly operated by the power of a steam engine because the weight of the iron was much heavier than wood.…

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