The Battle of Belleau Wood Essay

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The Battle of Belleau Wood was one the most famous battles of World War I in which the U.S. Marine Corps made their debut into the Western Front. This battle was decisive because it confirmed the entry of the U.S. into World War I which is one of the main reasons, that the allies won the war. American involvement for the first couple years of World War I had been kept to simply supply the allies with weapons and supplies. It wasn’t until 1917 when the United States changed its view on isolationism due to a building pressure and Germany’s several indiscriminate attacks on civilians and attempt at a secret alliance as described in the Zimmerman note. The Battle of Belleau Wood was the Marine Corps attempt to aid the ailing French in losing …show more content…
This book is written as an analysis from different points of view. The author has compiled several accounts and research to show arguments of alternative actions that could have been taken and to tell of accounts from people that were actually there. This book puts the events in chronological order and explains the progression of the war and the many famous historical events. The account from Lt Col Wise is important because it is a direct interpretation of what he witnessed during the battle. Many writers and journalists can interview soldiers and marines and ask them to explain their experience, but a primary source is the closest you can get to the accurate truth of someone’s experience. The fact that there are no longer World War I survivors remaining show the importance of keeping the history alive through writing. The author definitely has a bit of bias in writing his account. Lt Col Wise made it appear as if the German infantry were less courageous than their machine gunners because the Germans never attacked like the marines did. Lt Col Wise might have also exaggerated the numbers of prisoners when he described that one single wounded marine herded around fifty German troops as prisoners. Capt. Wass, as mentioned earlier, would be quick to state that the Germans were far inferior to the marines in hand-to-hand combat. Some information the author might have ignored were the reasons why the Germans

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