The Battle Against Anti Semitism Essay

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All throughout Jewish history, and even into the 21st century, Jews have been constantly fighting the battle against anti-Semitism. This has been a recurring hardship for Jews all around the world. The Nazi rise to power in Germany led to the prime example of anti-Semitism thus far, the development of the Final Solution. This was the plan to exterminate all of the Jewish people, and resulted in the death of six million Jews, two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population. More than 70 years after this tragedy, scholars are still debating many aspects of the Holocaust. The question that is constantly asked regarding the Final Solution is, “When did the plan to annihilate all of the Jews develop?” This leads to one of the most common historiographic debates regarding the Final Solution: whether or not Hitler had the plan for it to occur before the war began. This debate is more commonly known by its two schools of thought: functionalism and intentionalism. Once the Nazis had risen to power in 1933, the situation for the Jews in Germany went downhill. In 1935 the Nuremberg Laws were passed, preventing Jewish citizenship. Within three years of the laws, Jews were excluded from almost every area of work and many were left jobless. On November 9, 1938, Nazis went into Jewish homes, synagogues, and businesses, and burned and destroyed everything they could. Evidently, even before the start of World War II, Jews were excluded from society, forced into ghettos, and victims of mass…

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