The Basics Of Classical Conditioning Essay

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The Basics of Classical Conditioning are nothing more than, a way of learning a response from a stimulus. We can see this by looking at a stop sign, when you see the stop sign you stop. That is because we a conditioned to stop by the sign. Ivan Pavlov, a Russian Physiologist had been studying Conditioning and well what he came up with is very confusing, so to put in terms that we can all understand no matter your background is like this. " Conditioned is learned, Unconditioned is not learned, during conditioning a previous neutral stimulus is transformed into the conditioned stimulus", well I think we get the point here on what he be talking about. So now let 's move on to another area.
Applying Conditioning to behavior of what I like to call Humans. We started to experiment with conditioning on animals, but it was soon realized that not only animals can learn but we humans can learn as well. Remember the previous example of the stop sign, yup you got it we humans can learn. This is because we humans not animals have been taught that this red with white letters means stop and you better stop or you get in an accident or worse you get a ticket. We can also apply conditioned learning even as infants as John B Watson found out by conditioning an infant to be fearful of rats. So I know it 's amazing we humans no matter if we are adults or newborn infants can apply conditioned learning just like the animals can.
Now we are going to go over the exciting world of Extinction.…

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