The Basics Of Classical Conditioning

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The Basics of Classical Conditioning are nothing more than, a way of learning a response from a stimulus. We can see this by looking at a stop sign, when you see the stop sign you stop. That is because we a conditioned to stop by the sign. Ivan Pavlov, a Russian Physiologist had been studying Conditioning and well what he came up with is very confusing, so to put in terms that we can all understand no matter your background is like this. " Conditioned is learned, Unconditioned is not learned, during conditioning a previous neutral stimulus is transformed into the conditioned stimulus", well I think we get the point here on what he be talking about. So now let 's move on to another area.
Applying Conditioning to behavior of what I like to call
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So without further delay here it is. First topic is the Stimulus Generalization which states that it occurs when there is a similar stimulus that occurs of that we first learned the behavior. The Second topic is the ever so awesomeness of the Stimulus Discrimination which this one states that it would only occur if there were two stimulus that are very distinct from the other that only one would evoke a term what we call conditioned response. These two ever so awesome ways of describing a form of conditioned responses was discovered by a very interesting guys name I cannot pronounce …show more content…
but without further due what is Operant Conditioning you are asking. Well Operant Conditioning is learning a voluntary response notice I didn 't say forced, is strengthened or weakened depending on whether it is favored or not favored in its consequences.
Now we know what it is, what are the basics of Operant Conditioning. Well we have reinforcement which happens to be the process of getting a reward for the desired response. then we have the reinforce which this is building on the response in the reinforcement stage. this brings us to the world of positive reinforce, negative reinforce and punishment.
Positive reinforce is a reward for doing a correct response, Negative reinforce is an indication of having to keep trying until a correct response is achieved. and lastly punishment is a term to be used when it is highly unlikely a correct response would be

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