The Basic Right Of Freedom Essay

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One of the underlying principles that the United States lives by is the basic right of freedom. The idea of freedom has been enriched in our nation 's history and has been used in our everyday language of our everyday lives. The basic inalienable right of “freedom” has never applied to the African American community; inevitably it would be linked to “slavery” instead. During the establishment of early America to the modern age America, there has always been a systematic system of oppression created by white supremacists to put the minority of the African American community at the bottom. As one who live in racially divided society, the line between being black or white would be the basic essential of determining where one would stand in the color line of society. For those who were born from a lineage of black and white ancestry, paved a path of opportunity for one to pass as a white man. “Passing” by Langston Hughes is a well-written epistolary that takes place in a time where skin color determines one 's social-economical standing in a racially divided society. Between the common white and colored man, Hughes’ uses his protagonist, Jack, a mulatto to convey the irony of self-deception in abandoning one 's roots to conform to the finer lifestyles of a typical white man.
American society has been stratified into social classes based on wealth, income, educational attainment and occupation. In American society, the color of your skin plays a major factor where one…

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